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Weekly Activities


Class of Day or Drill





Class of Day or Drill




Uniform Inspection


Daily Activities

Monday and Wednesday

On Monday, the platoons will often stay within the classroom to recieve classes from either Captain, Gunnery Sergeant or a cadet. Some of the classes are based off history as well as basic leadersip principles and ideas. If the platoons are not in the classroom, they are getting hands-on training either with our Daisy Drill Rifles for armed drill, or in unarmed drill. Drill is vital to the program's idea of disicpline and training.

Tuesday and Thursday

On Tuesdays, the platoons will change into their PT gear that is assigned at the beginning of the year. The Platoon Commander and Platoon Sergeant will correspond to create a well-writted workout. Before starting the workout, the platoons will do the Daily Seven which consists of multiple warm-up workouts that are preformed as a platoon.


On Fridays, the cadets put the specified uniform on. Some Fridays they will wear the digital uniform, or the service uniforms, which for underclassmen is the Charlies, while the seniors wear the Alphas. The cadets are tested on their knowledge from their knowledge packets that are issued at the beginning of the year, as well as recent class material. The uniform is also inspected to ensure that the cadets wear it properly throughout the day.

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